Infosys placement selection process

Infosys placement selection process: One of the leading software company is Infosys. It has some finest interview process procedures. Usually all IT based companies will follow the certain protocols for a placement selection process. In that, Infosys interviews are simple and unique.

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Before going to placement interviews, candidates have to know the details about a particular firm. Our IT company details in India and abroad guide will help you to know about various software companies.

If you want to know about Infosys completely please visit our Infosys company profile section. Majority of Infosys recruitment is filling by using of external sources like campus interview/recruitment and Walk-ins. Internal sources are also there like referrals and more.,

Infosys Recruitment Process:

Recruitment process is the major task for a “Human Resource” team. HR in persons will follow the steps are given below.

  • Strategy planning,
  • Employee search,
  • Screening through Interviews,
  • Evaluation about a person

Infosys Selection Process:

So many peoples are constantly saying that the Infosys selection process is a simpler than all other MNC companies.  Following things are ORIGINAL Infosys placement process which is handled by HR department persons. These steps are to be used for freshers and experienced persons.

Internal/External sources,

Primary Interview,

Selection tests (Written tests)

Face-to-face interview/Hr interview,

Reference background analysis,

Selection decision

Job offer/Call letter,

Employment agreements,


Selection tests (Written tests):

Freshers will going to have the selection based technical writing exams. It is purely professional. Some of the Infosys selection tests like Aptitude test, intelligence test, personality test, interest test & general knowledge test.

What kind of Interview will be there?

This is something to be a scary question. Right?! This part is totally based on the interviewer and an environment. Various types of interviews are,

  • Depth interview,
  • Formal or Informal,
  • Stress interview &
  • Group discussion interview (GD).

It may vary at some points. For every professional job interviews, COMMUNICATION SKILLS are the most preferable. Use our previous link to improve your English speaking stuffs J Watch this space for further placement paper updates.